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A half century later-

Spend fifty years doing anything and you’re bound to gain some useful perspective. In what seems like the blink of an eye- the time has passed and you wake up one day wondering where it all went. I’ve been fascinated with all wildlife since birth. Fish of every description and the pursuit of them has consumed me for all of my years on the planet. Around a half century or so back, I wished for a life that involved little more than spending every day with a rod in hand and trying to outsmart different gamefish around the world. Wiser men than me have suggested that we “spend our lives trying to outsmart something that doesn’t even think”

Making a living at trying to outsmart fish seemed like a stretch and despite what every “responsible” role model told me about the slim likelihood of succeeding in the industry, I persisted. Mostly because I never wanted to stop fishing or get a “real job” like everyone else. Well, here we are a half century later. Many miles logged on waters around the globe, untold numbers of adventures, both triumphs and failures alike, Countless people have come and gone to fish with me. Some for only a day, many others remaining lifelong friends. I’ve learned a fair bit along the way about fishing, people, and life.

One thing that remains unchanged is my relationship with the fish. They have continued to fascinate me and despite my best efforts to go the traditional route, I still depend on them to keep the lights on. I’m just as enthusiastic about the pursuit of them as I was pictured above as a two year old. Fishing remains the most popular “participant sport” in the nation for very good reasons. Anyone can do it. It challenges the best and brightest minds as much as it does the minds of the two year olds. Unlocking the mystery of what goes on at the other side of the water’s surface is a puzzle that is constantly evolving and changing. Whether you’re a lifelong angler or first timer, If the fish are calling to you, listen to them. They’ll teach YOU too- a few things about themselves, about people, and about life. If you care to go put your hands on a few, I know a guy…

Capt. George LaBonte